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2018 Re-Roofing Project

Roofing Project Update

All of the residential buildings, the garage buildings and the maintenance building have been “dried in” and are ready to have tile placed on them. We have been getting weekly deliveries of tile and as of this writing seven residential buildings have been completed with tile installation.

When tile deliveries arrive the pallets of tile need to be placed in front of the garages for that building until the tile can be uploaded to that building. The garages in that building will be out of service for a week, maybe longer depending on weather and other factors.

The gutter contractor is also on site now and will go behind the roofers to install all new gutters on the buildings. Once the gutters are installed and joined with the downspouts, the re-roof project for that building is completed.

The Clubhouse will be the last building to be completed due to the necessity of the pool area needing to be closed.

The Board of Directors has contracted with a commercial painting contractor to paint all interior corridors of the residential buildings upon completion of the re-roof project. That contract may be delayed as the elevator cab refurbishment has been on hold during the roofing project. The Board feels the elevator refurbishment should be completed first and then the painter will come through and give everything a fresh look.

This re-roof has been a huge inconvenience for all residents but is an unfortunate result of Hurricane Irma. The board, management and staff appreciates everyone’s cooperation during this project.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!

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